Brian Duffy and Picnics

Oh this lovely weather has put me in such a nice mood! I miss my boy terribly but at least there was a very interesting documentary on photographer Duffy to distract me last night. Did anybody else watch it? I would love to have the opportunity to meet him, he seemed like such a grumpy bugger but with an excellent sense of humour. Much like my Grandad! His photographs are gorgeous. I particularly like this one:

I really found the programme quite inspiring. I used to be very interested in photography but since my film camera had its mid-life crisis I've never really gone back to it. Maybe it's time to buy myself a new one and start snapping again!

I was trawling through Ebay in an attempt to find my perfect floral 1940's tea dress for the summer when I found a "1940's style" picnic basket. I'm very tempted to buy it just for the excuse of a picnic. If I do I may well take the opportunity to have a little 40's spring soiree themed photo shoot courtesy of Joe's camera I'd imagine. I'll keep you updated if I do!

I'm still waiting for Tina's Place photos so fingers crossed they'll be ready tonight! I promise to start writing about more exciting things on my little blog as soon as my work load filters down a bit!


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Classic cars, Imelda, Burlesque and Chocolate!

I wanted to express my excitement about a couple of events I'm very much looking forward to in Spring and Summer. Firstly, Joe and I are heading to sunny Brighton (or hopefully sunny anyway) in May to celebrate both our birthdays. So far we've booked a lovely 4* hotel near the seafront and have placed Brighton pier waffles, Fish and chips (obviously), The Lanes , The Eighties Matchbox B-line Disaster at The Great Escape Festival and The beach on our agendas. I've done some researching and found a cocktail bar nearby with a very promising menu. I can't wait to sit by the sea with a Singapore Sling or a Mojito (or both). I've already bought a blue and white polka dot Jive-style dress for the occasion. And I'm determined to visit this gorgeous looking place to feed my chocolate habit...

Oh a whole month I have to wait for a "Choccy Woccy Doo Dah" slice of cake and a hot chocolate...
I'm also particularly excited about Vintage Goodwood Festival in August. Especially as I get to see the wonderful Imelda May perform for the first time as well as some hot classic cars, The Damned, Buzzcocks, Gwendoline Lamour and Beaux Belles (particularly excited about the latter).

Imelda May: Isn't she lovely?

Coco Corvette's most recent antics have mainly revolved around Tina's Place at The Victoria in Mile End last Saturday. Another enjoyable burlesque performance under my belt and I promise to have some pictures from the night soon. For now I'll enclose a video of my most recent performance before that (6th February).

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A warm welcome to Coco Corvette's first ever post! This blog is a space that will allow me to share my interests, my love of 1940's/50's retro and repro fashions and music and hopefully some photos and videos of my upcoming burlesque shows. First and foremost, here is my favourite picture of my gorgeous boyfriend and I at the Buffalo Bar in Highbury & Islington!

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