Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Brian Duffy and Picnics

Oh this lovely weather has put me in such a nice mood! I miss my boy terribly but at least there was a very interesting documentary on photographer Duffy to distract me last night. Did anybody else watch it? I would love to have the opportunity to meet him, he seemed like such a grumpy bugger but with an excellent sense of humour. Much like my Grandad! His photographs are gorgeous. I particularly like this one:

I really found the programme quite inspiring. I used to be very interested in photography but since my film camera had its mid-life crisis I've never really gone back to it. Maybe it's time to buy myself a new one and start snapping again!

I was trawling through Ebay in an attempt to find my perfect floral 1940's tea dress for the summer when I found a "1940's style" picnic basket. I'm very tempted to buy it just for the excuse of a picnic. If I do I may well take the opportunity to have a little 40's spring soiree themed photo shoot courtesy of Joe's camera I'd imagine. I'll keep you updated if I do!

I'm still waiting for Tina's Place photos so fingers crossed they'll be ready tonight! I promise to start writing about more exciting things on my little blog as soon as my work load filters down a bit!



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